This is my first (X)HTML5 page, the way I see it

After seeing a sudden influx of HTML5 blog posts, and well written articles (often too persuading) I have decided to start implementing test HTML5 web pages to see what it will be like.

Since I prefer well formed, interchangable formats I have stuck with XML or XHTML based syntax. Hate me or love me I care very little. Also please note, although the code imitates XML, it is strictly speaking HTML still.

My first few issues arise from <nav> whereby it does not nest <li> within itself but requires an unordered list container, the classic <ul>, thinking about it, it is not that bad, it may even be more semantic to still wrap the list items as an unordered list, but I am not writing a list of an unordered kind, it is a navigation list, something unrelated to both <ul> and <ol> which just bloat my code, IMO of course.

Footer issue? What issue?

Looks like Zeldman and crew's wishes were met, whether it was their influence or not it is good to see the draft is still malleable.

Kicking IE into action

With the use of this shiv I have managed to get IE to at least recognise the new HTML elements. I am also using CSS3 techniques, some of which may not work in many browsers but since this is a test page, I don't give a shit!

An annoyance with a validator

Although the validator is experimental and probably not that up to date if at all usable, I still tried to validate this page which validated tentatively according to the w3 device. It simply does not recognise <meta charset="utf-8" /> as an alternative to the old school <meta http-equiv="Content-type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"" />. Through my stuborness I fixed this issue by creating a .htaccess file.

AddType 'text/html; charset=UTF-8' html

Yet even after delivering the page as forced UTF-8, the validator still told me to include a meta tag with the information in, STFU, I've done it already!

Oh boy this HTML5 stuff is fun! Got anything you want to share? Get in touch.